Are you a medical student or working in related fields? Or just a curious person by nature? Then our collection of common medical terms and concepts can help you better understand this fascinating side of science and art. The... necronomicon of medicine.

  • Shorthand [ miscellaneous ]

    A writing method that uses symbols and numbers to replace full words or even phrases. The purpose, being of course, increasing brevity and speed of writing.
  • Symptoms [ miscellaneous ]

    A symptom is broadly defined as "the cause that brings the patient to the hospital". It's a manifestation, either physically or mentally that causes distress to an individual. They are generally regarded as subjective since most characteristics of the symptom can only be felt by the patient and not observed externally by another person. Note: Often the terms "signs" and "symptoms" are used interchangeably. This is a minor semantic error but can induce some confusion when medical records are concerned.
  • Syndrome [ miscellaneous ]

    A grouping of several medical signs and symptoms that characterize a particular pathology. A syndrome is also a definitive diagnosis that can be deduced and confirmed with the help of the anamnesis, the physical exam and other medical tests.