Are you a medical student or working in related fields? Or just a curious person by nature? Then our collection of common medical terms and concepts can help you better understand this fascinating side of science and art. The... necronomicon of medicine.

  • Depression [ psychology ]

    A mental disorder characterized by low mood, low self-esteem, loss of interest in normally enjoyable activities, low energy, and pain without a clear cause. Generally considered a precursor to many other health disorders both physically and mentally.
  • Diarrhea [ gastroenterology ]

    Defined as an uncontrolled bowel movement with a liquid stool. Can vary in severity from mild to life threatening and almost always requires extra hydration to compensate the loss of water.
  • Disease [ miscellaneous ]

    A broad term describing an abnormal condition or event that affects part of or the whole organism. The term "pathology" is sometimes used as a synonym, even though there are some semantic differences.
  • Dolor [ physiology ]

    "Dolor" is one of the 5 classic (Celsian) symptoms of inflammation. It is defined as pain in the affected area. The other 4 terms used to characterize an inflammation are "rubor", "calor", "tumor","functio laesa".