Are you a medical student or working in related fields? Or just a curious person by nature? Then our collection of common medical terms and concepts can help you better understand this fascinating side of science and art. The... necronomicon of medicine.

  • Calor [ physiology ]

    "Calor" is one of the 5 classic (Celsian) symptoms of inflammation. It is defined as increased heat in the affected area. The other 4 terms used to characterize an inflammation are "rubor", "dolor", "tumor","functio laesa".
  • Cells [ microbiology ]

    The building blocks of all life. A cell is the smallest unit of life that has the ability to self replicate. The inside of a cell is made up of components called organelles which are similar in function to the organs of a human body. Cells are generally split in two big categories:

    Eukaryotes (most animals and plants are made of these)

    Prokaryotes (bacteria and archaea usually make up this category)

  • Central Nervous System [ neurology ]

    Often abbreviated CNS, it constitutes from the brain, brain stem and spinal cord. In other words, the "vital" portion of the nervous system required for survival as well as higher function.
  • Contract [ miscellaneous ]

    Depending on the context, "contract" can have two meanings as far as medicine is concerned. It can either mean "to get infected with a disease" or if its referring to muscles it can mean "to shorten a muscle by activating it".