Indirect Support

The internet is full of great initiatives and projects, some more well known than others, but all deserving proper credit. The following is a list of such websites that we whole-heatedly support and use on a daily basis. We strongly recommend that you give them a look and maybe decide to help them out too in any way you might see fit.


A categorized list of resources to assist in the learning of any subject from first principles. The name is a portmanteau of the Japanese word 全 (pronounced "zen"), meaning "all" or "everything," and the English word "encyclopedia."

Wikimedia LogoThe WikiMedia Organisation

Let’s face it, everyone has at one point relied on a wiki in one way or another. Even if the concept isn’t perfect, open information for all is something we should all support.

A picture of the Khan Academy Logo.Khan Academy

Khan Academy is one of the best websites out there when it comes to learning something new. Detailed, easy to understand yet researched courses, a focus on teaching the young and the old, how could we not prompt you to help them out? Especially since Khan is 100% nonprofit.

Humble Bundle

The humble store and bundles have been around for quite a while and have made an incredible difference to many charities around the globe. We are honored to partner up with them. NOTE: As part of our affiliate relationship, for every game you purchase using our referral link, we earn a portion of the sum. The amount is dependent on your choice.

The Scihub logoSci-Hub

Ever found yourself writing a scientific paper, looking through possible references but not being able to access them due to an unreasonable paywall? Sci-Hub is “the first website in the world to provide mass & public access to research papers”. So if you have a few bitcoins to spend, look no further.

Please note: We have an affiliate relationship with some of the projects above. Which means that if you decide to purchase their services or product using the link we provide, we will receive a portion of the sum at no extra cost to you. In order to maintain transparency, we always mention when this is the case as well as the amount we receive as an affiliate.